We develop and distribute disruptive technology that innovates, automates, and changes the Veterinary market globally. Our backend is built in PHP, using a completely custom framework which we have been expanding over 11 years. The majority of our single page web application frontend is built using PHP templating, but in 2018 we started migrating the entire frontend to ReactJS. We now have multiple core parts of ezyVet built using ReactJS together with Redux.

Our public API is written in PHP with the Lumen framework and is currently used by more than 100 partners (and a mountain of others lining up to integrate) as well as our 5 internally built mobile apps, which are built in React Native (3 of these exciting apps are currently being migrated from Swift to React Native).One of the unique and great things about ezyVet is that through our feature and user feedback system, our customers promoter ideas, voting on them and allowing us to focus on development. It’s a great thing to be part of a project where we develop what our customers want rather than what we think they want.

Auckland HQ is where the bulk of the engineering horse power is based with a turbo charged London operation that continues to grow. We run a pod structure (currently 7), follow an agile methodology, write elegant code to the tune of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 on black widow mechanical keyboards…well not really but it sounds provocative.

We seek the hand of the Chief Delivery Officer, our Development Manager. Uncle Google describes you as someone who leads teams of software developers. In addition to designing software, web applications, and web services, you also hire, train, and manage staff, create and oversee output, and make progress reports to senior management. You may work with various department heads to determine software requirements, meet with management to discuss how software applications can achieve business objectives, or train technical and non-technical end-users once the software has been developed. All we’ll add is you are the diesel that drives the global division.

What your day will look like 

  • Monitor hand over of respected offices
  • Arrive at the office, top up your flat white
  • Distill daily stand ups and summarise the divisions current challenges, wins and goals for the day for the CDO
  • Ensure the ‘force’ is strong with all and then….
  • Provide the catalyst that ignites a division to code their hearts out; designing perfectly structured framework objects, building beautiful code, refactoring and repeating
  • Head out to the local coffee shop or just park up in the many break out spaces to have a catch up with one or many of your team members
  • Mid way through the day, give your black widow a chance to cool down and pop over to the kitchen for a catered lunch (vegan options available we don’t discriminate)
  • Deep breath and repeat steps 3, 4 and potentially 5 if you like but be sure to sprinkle a healthy dose of humour in there
  • Once you're done for the day; challenge the champs (or amateurs) over ping pong, Super Smash Bros, Tekken or just revel in the delight of awesomeness you've crafted

What you’ll bring

  • Proven multi skilled team leadership experience
  • Track record of coaching and leading others
  • 5+ years of web development experience
  • PHP 7, MYSQL, knowledge of PSR standards, Unit testing
  • Detail orientated, methodical and process driven  
  • Understanding of the latest libraries and tendencies (React.js, Web Components, Web Sockets, Polymer, etc.)

If you are up for the challenge, you will join a fun kiwi company well and truly on the up, help build a culture to be proud of and revel in the delight of knowing you are the envy of the industry!